Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

Simple Straight-forward game.

Solid little game. Straight-forward arcade shooter. Fast speed. Quick action. Quick controls. Wish I could hear different music after a while though.

pretty bad

there is way too much lag in this to play. the mouse control easily leaves the box the game is played in.


i enjoyed this much more then the last one.... i think it might be because of the continues your aloud to have for yuor points.. very nice


Fun, great game. I really enjoyed playing this game, And the power ups were cool. The unique coloring was really creative, and the boss fights were sweet. Not to mention the awesome arrey of techno music. Great job!

no lagging, eh?

great game, but it still lags on my computer. try to make the next one a little less complex, or have a low-detail option so it will run on any computer, even a slow one like mine