Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

Pretty Good

I liked the game but it wasnt that creative and too repetitive

Not Exactly

Great and kind of different but not exactly unique. Good one though!


i wasent expecting somthuing like this ,graphics 9 ,sound ,10 ,creativity 5 ,interactivity,8 this was a very good game and i look forward 2 new ones

Good music spoiled by a bland idea. Lagtacular.

You've done an excellent job of picking some of the Portal's best musicians, and the onscreen action syncs well to the music. The effect is offset by your style, which looks like Geometry Wars: Low-Budget Edition, and the shooter format, which you've done a good job with, but is still one of the most overused game styles on NG. It isn't that either one is especially bad, just that I've seen a lot of both, including in some of your games, and I was hoping for a little more innovation.
As far as lag, I'm afraid you've got more coding to do before your next game. I'm using Firefox 2.x on a 2 GHz Intel processor, and the game is unplayably slow. A quality toggle or some other form of performance optimization would be very much appreciated.
Once again, a capable effort, but more polish, and you'd have a winner.

Awesome game.

This is really where all that hard work pays off. This is truly a great game and made very well. Even with how simple the graphics are the game seems to look good. Even with the overused idea, the game is fun and addictive. And even with the difficultity and how easy you die the game is good. Everything in this game is done so well, this really reminds me of some of Tom's work in particular. This game is his quality work. Very nice job. Ps: Tom dosent put flash on the front page.