Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

strange.... but nice in its own way

This is not a rythm based shooter! This is dodging colourful irritating stuff with an epilepsy-background whilst whacking the bajezus out of your left mouse button with a nice beat to back it up... still quite fun though :)


good game very intuitive but a bit laggy

Excellent idea

funky. I like the idea and it plays pretty well... very little lag.
The transfers gave me seizures, but i kinda liked it. definatly an A.

Interesting style

Enemies spawning to a beat? Interesting.

My main critique here is that I prefer the black background over all else. Mainly because the checkered white one lags.

Realy fun

This game is awesome...But i got to the second boss and it exited on me...T.T

u get a 5 and an over all 10/10