Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

It was cool.

I liked it. Good choice of songs. Nice and fast-paced & energetic. The only problem was that long pause when you get hit.

Nice game overall.


dermannohename got P LAYED!

Good but not flawless

I really like the combination between rhythm and shooter, though it seemed as though the enemies shouldn't be able to hide under you while you're invincible. also, i agree that it didn't lag terribly, but i did drop a frame occasionally and with an 8800 gt for graphics, 2G ram, a 3800+ processor, i think there still might be a memory leak or something somewhere. very good overall though. keep up the good work.

Most terrible Lag

I have played a lot of games here, but not 1 SINGLE 1 lagged as much as this.

Coolio-Niato responds:

truthfully your comp isnt up to par.

Cool Arcade Game!!

I think its like an arcade gme (and I thi8nk it already is) but like almost everyone sais its TOO hard well I made the whole game!!!

12 Very colourful levels and the boss fights were kinda easy but I lost the most lifes vs the first boss though!

And me I loved the bonuslevels They Are the rockiest!! I was shocked when I saw the first bonusgame come up I was like wow... The last one rocked the most hehe.

Well everybody knows that Coolio-Niato loves {Rose} ( tha I also like too)
Thts why in every one of his rythm or musicgames he puts in the {Rose} song that is great!!

If someone wanna know my score and rank n all that stuff well here goes :

Rank :279 Name: //Damon163 Score: 1,347,075