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Reviews for "Miracle Explosion-Ep#04"


DUDE that LOOKED pretty good but the plot / story was a bit rubbish it had no climax or cliff hanger. It needed a more upbeet tempo in the action sceans. The whole traveling through space time thing was a bit tripped out and had no real connection with the rest of the movie. Put your GFX work to better use.

fourchinnigan responds:

If you've watched 03 and you watch 05, then the time-space thing fits in.

A "10" That was unheard of....unspeakable even

I give you a 10 becuase you deserve it. I don't know what all that space travel mumbojumbo was all about and the plot is hard for me to keep up with but all plots are hard for me to keep up witha and I rate people on their "RAW" product/style, not on if I liked the plot or not. The production is seconds away from perfection and it seems after realizing the length of this movie that your not afraid of using Flash. Some of the best animation, sound, creativity, and stylem I have ever seen in a Flash production. Mommie I liked it ....I really liked it. One thing that I would like to see is more "ignorant/dark" humor and less of the easter egg like hidden humor(condom boxes/condom foe)
in your next movie. Don't be afraid to where bras on your head and copulate with cherry pies...hehehehe....thank-you for your time dear reader.


Great effort, albeit a little disjointed. The sound could have been better (not that I'm one to talk). If it had more frame-by-frame and 3D you would have gotten lots of points!

awesome but...

did you get some of your ideas from the max? those minion guys, hugo talking like the max "he is the last of the great squiril warriors i do not know how i know this" but otherwise very original, it almost seems like bit and pieces from old cartoons...

fourchinnigan responds:

I use to read a lot of Sam Kieth comics so some of his stuff does creep in from time-to-time inadvertently. I realized after episode01 that I was pretty much mimicking the voice of the Maxx. And he does wear purple. dammit.

After my third time watching it...

Great grahpics, Chinny. Even on low quality, it still had a great presentation. Very good.

I can't be very critical of this, because nothing was really wrong. Everything looked absolutely fantastic.

For those who missed it, the Hershey bars say Heresy. The 20 Second Scientist part was also hilarious. And the Hell Golem... haha.