Reviews for "Level Up?"


This song is great! I love the intro, and I think it's amazing that the whole song is made from real NES samples

Faved and Downloaded

Or4nges responds:

Much obliged, my good man.

love it %u2665

i was going to say the same as the below but he just was faster than me XD!


This is incredibly well-done. :)

Hey dude!

awesome song! loved it! I have a little question though,
Could I use this in a podcast I am making?
You would obviously get full credit for the song. thanks!

Or4nges responds:

Go for it :)

Thanks man!

I just can't believe it..

I mentioned this in another review, and I didn't review it yet!? Ugh... I'm sickened at myself xD

Anyways, what samples did you use? Just wondering lol.

Great tune, I would love it if you redo this, If you did, I can't imagine what it would sound like ;)
Great job, once again. :D