Reviews for "Level Up?"

on loop for an hour

and i never got tired of it, it's so awesome that i can't even make it into a ringtone for me or i'd never answer my phone till it stopped ringing and then i'd call and complain for them to call me back and hang up again!

Very nice.

There is nothing really to criticize, it is just amazing.



I just can't believe it..

I mentioned this in another review, and I didn't review it yet!? Ugh... I'm sickened at myself xD

Anyways, what samples did you use? Just wondering lol.

Great tune, I would love it if you redo this, If you did, I can't imagine what it would sound like ;)
Great job, once again. :D

'Epic WIn"

Epic Win Dude!!! I love this song wont be bad for the game Level Up! u should play it its awesome! Well... I LOVE THIS SONG THATS ALL I GOT TO SAY!

What would you say....

What would you say if i wanted to put lyrics over this and made a YouTube video. I have almost 5000 subscribers, i'd mention your newgrounds name and giving credit.

Or4nges responds:

Sure! In all honesty I can't really stop you lol. But I'd welcome it.

Just lemme know when the finished product is up?