Reviews for "Level Up?"


First thing... HAHAHA wow.. this is a really happy song, I really couldn't stop smiling for like the whole song :P good job with that. One thing you could fix.. is the kick.. it sounds.. kinda distorted.. im not sure if you did this on purpose.. but it just doesnt sound right in this type of song..
Also at :34 the synth that starts there.. goes on for the whole song.. It sounds kinda repetative after awhile.. maybe you should make that same sound.. but a different melody mabye around 1:02 you could just build up that sound. haha all in all.. i really like this song.. i would love to hear it with legitimate synths and a ton of effects :P maybe a little boost in Bpm as well :P haha anyways i really liked this song! its.. Catchy :)

Or4nges responds:

That's a really makeshift kick lol, I used a square wave at like C2 and beefed up it's pulse width. The snares and hihats were made with noise waves lol. Like I said, I only used nintendo samples :P

And yeah, being such low quality, I kinda didn't put nearly as much effort into it as I should have. Consider it a work in progress lol. I think i'll cut out the repetitive melody at 1:15 and just use the melody I introduced there.
Thanks man!


You really cant review this kind of thing, but the synth idea would be good

Or4nges responds:

It may use 8-bit samples, but it still has basic song structure. You could have commented on that :P

Either way, thanks for the review. :D