Reviews for "Level Up?"


This song is great! I love the intro, and I think it's amazing that the whole song is made from real NES samples

Faved and Downloaded

Or4nges responds:

Much obliged, my good man.

<3 Very good!

I love how you found a way to keep it really simple and still enthralling.

You should totally make one that has way more layers to it, taking them away at the bridge of the song to sort of break the forth wall with the listener.

Just saying, that would be awesome.

love this song too, I'm sure whatever you do you will do it well.
Keep it up!

Or4nges responds:

I'll consider it, but if there's too much going on in a song it can get fairly muddy.

Thanks for the ideas though :p


I just died a little bit inside.
Because I know I will never hear something so awesome ever again.

Or4nges responds:

I'm sorry about your insides, I hope they recover. lol

Also, thankyou :D

Would sound AWESOME w/h effects and volume


I would really like this to be redone, because you see a 4.42 with a song w/h no effects or volume changes watsoever. Just imagine the song with fully pumped upgraded melodies, new instruments, cool effects, and insane volume changes.


Also much gratitude, but you should make this into a definite loop. It's really something short that game-designers want. Good Job!

Or4nges responds:

I'm planning on overhauling this eventually. I want to make it a full fledged trance song.

Also (not to you particularly) I can easily shave off the end and loop it if any game developers would like to use this. So if anyone would like, just message me :)

Anyway, thankyou for the criticism, it's really helpful. I like the compliments i'm getting, but what really helps me is when they point out what i'v done wrong. And to that end you have my thanks :)

Freaking awesome

Great song all together just awesome great work!!!!!

Or4nges responds:

Appreciated :D