Reviews for "Level Up?"

Awwww man!!!

I felt as excited as a kid at a candy store with a full 5 bucks!!! :D

But imagine...

what if u turned this song's sound.....(i dont know the exact word for it but..) into a modern tech sounds, like the one you hear at the clubs. U know what im talking about??? :)

Or4nges responds:

That's what I'm doing. There's gonna be fatty bass, and effects'd out leads.

Hope it turns out though, I feel like i'd lose some of the nostalgic, whimsical feel if I took out the 8-bit.
-Maybe i'll make a hybrid sort of deal :)


It would be great to get stems for this piece, I'd like to see what remixes people come up with.

Or4nges responds:

Not familiar with the term? I'd love it if anyone remixed this though.

*to everyone* Contact me if you'd like the project files, I'd be ecstatic :D


Awesome 8 bit here, especially considering you used actual nintendo samples. Really hope you decide to make one with legit synths though :D

Or4nges responds:

Working on it as we speak :)

I love this.

Such a nice piece of 8Bit music here. It takes the timelessness of 8Bit music and gives it a modernized, melodic feel.

This is certainly a fun song to listen to.

Or4nges responds:

Glad you liked it!

I love 8-bit songs, they are indeed timeless.

I like it

Video games are great

Or4nges responds:

I concur.