Reviews for "Level Up?"

The quality does kinda ruin it for me however.

The song itself is a joy to listen to for that i'll give you an 8 hehe. You put a good amount of work into this and congrats on the top five. Keep up the music.


If you don't make more..

It would be worse then the apocalypse.

Seriously, you nailed every LEZ and Mario moment in my life.


as you said yourself it is not the best quality but given what you used i think you did an outstanding job. i can barely stand to listen to this on my headphones cause it exaggerates all the imperfections but i still think what you did here is amazing. hopefully you can do something with better samples :)

Nostalgic catchyness

i think its just amazing how you made this just from nes sound clips. Really catchy and makes me want to play an nes game. I sorta feel like megaman, i dunno. 5/5 10/10 fave.


omg bro! this song is godly on thizz! so are cigerettes but eh...