Reviews for "Triangles"

That was tricky

that was really fun!! it was pretty hard to protect 2 circles at the same time! Good Job!

I Really like the concept

i like to annoy people as well!! the graphics were great, and the sound isn't so annying... please make more and keep up the good work!

Not Annoying

Unique maybe, not annoying. I found it to be fun. My only problem was the rotate... fucked me up every other time.

IDEA: Add a rhythm game to it to (tap the space bar in sync with the music or something) Now that would make it more interesting...

way too easy tbh

it was fun for a while but after my score hit 12,000+ i purposely lost 'cause it was abit repetetive, still, it was fun while it lasted, good game, i guess men CAN multitask :D

:O 21 000

Really annoyoing, but I got a pretty high score! (mostly thanks to luck)