Reviews for "Triangles"

Dude that was pretty sweet

I mean really it was so simple yet because of the difficulty it completely compensated. THe graphics were sweet and because it was so simple it loaded in about a second... my applause to you. but that was really fricking annoying anyway. seriously. is there a way that you can make it possible? just a bit? like using symetric mouse instead of keyboard and mouse? idk just that was a bit messed up. still fun and awesome tho. good job. 5/5

whoa good job

clearly the most challenging game ive played in a while keep up the good work


That's really awsome!!! Great idea and an addictive game! DESERVE FRONTPAGE!!!!


it is really annoying indeed, but i love it, im getting better at it :P it's a very interesting concept and it is very simple too, great game :D

Originality and fun... a games's MUST!

This game is maybe too "hard" for some people, but it isn's... it is challenging and that what I like!