Reviews for "Triangles"

loved it!

sweet concept! gave me one helluva headache trying to not focus on one screen for more than a half a second. I think you could make it more crazy, if instead triangles, you put asteroids on one half, and the other half be avoiding the triangles. Mmmm nvm i might have to flash myself up that game to keep me contained after playing this!


That is a really intuitive concept! Fun game but really hard.

Awsum but hard

pretty much wat i just put in the heading.... so y do i need a 2 rite her anyway???

yeah dude...

the cure of my bad coordination is born! thank you!


that was realy hard!!!! i srsly couldnt keep up for more than like 10 sec!! =O still, good graphics, good gameplay.

4/5 8/10