Reviews for "Triangles"

it's not as annoying as you thought

it really plays out as a hand-hand-eye co-ordination test. if you're a drummer, or a piano player, you can do really well at ti, assuming you can play while reading music as well.

This is pretty cool

It's like a FPS training module. I like it.


its awsome but hard


this game is pretty challenging and i thought you did a really good job putting it together. Presently this game is easier for right handed people because their motor skills with their right hands are better than left handed people, so it might be better if your means for moving the cursors moved in the same fashion. for example, using the W,A,S,D keys and then the arrow keys for the right screen.

Can't... scratch... nose...

Ooh. I like it alot! Very nice idea :3

Needs a pause function, maybe. Very fun.