Reviews for "Triangles"

well then

really good game, i like the idea, but it would be more annoying if the left and right pannells switched(mouse on the left) or if the colours changed....but this is better.

good game

well.... i wouldn't exactly refer to this game as "the most annoying thing ever created on this planet". Some points were a little annoying yes, but the game itself was actually quite fun to play, had a random yet unique plot to it, cool graphics and gameplay and your efforts were nice.


awesome! totally confusing, i keep getting a red dot on one screen, so i go after it, but than the other dot gets hit. xD
very original. i like it!

I HATE this game

But BOY it is a challenge - Like it XD

Good job.

I really like this game. It puts a test on my coordination. It got kind of frustrating at times, though.