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Reviews for "/M: Enrichment"

Is it 5:00 a.m. already

How I seem to always find myself listening to some awesome techno at 5:00 in the morning is beyond me, but hey I can't complain.

As a wise and humble man once said:
-Enjoy the smaller things in life.

Mich responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the track, and I hope you actually went to bed after that. :p

(I wouldn't call it techno, by the way)

Thanks again!


To bad you can't use this during the Haiti earthquake...i can just see how this song can be a positive thing you know? Its like one part you se people helping each other another is giving out foods n stuff and in the end everybody is all happy! Really amazing song you have!

Mich responds:

I'm glad you like the tune. :)

Excellent sound

"I'm not 100% satisfied with the outcome of this; but then again, what artist is ever content with their work?"
True stuff!
First off, veryyy nice intro. I really like your transitions...they're not in-your-face and obnoxious, but nicely developed. What isn't nearly as smooth as the rest of the piece is your outtro. It did clear up toward the end, but that last note kind of left me hanging in a not good way. The bass is pretty nice, which I can especially appreciate. Effects and filtering are excellent and helped keep the variety in your song. Your melodies loop smoothly for every repetition, and they're not too catchy, but 'just right' in a way. So like, when I have my next term paper due, I think I'll be listening to this btw :)

Mich responds:

I did take my time to make the transitions smooth, so I'm glad you noticed that. AS you may notice, I actually made sure to introduce another riff when the melody was fading out, which makes things seem less empty. :)

I do have a bit of trouble making decent outros now you mention it. I usually don't like fading what's going on out, so I try to make some sort of "ending variation" on what I had playing... which doesn't always seem to put an end to the song in that much of a good way, I suppose.

Glad you like the bass, although it's one of the things I wasn't really content with; I think I sidechained it too deeply to sound 'natural'. This can especially be heard near the end of the song, when the mix isn't so filled up with other things to conceal it.

I spent quite some time automating those filters and whatnot, so I'm glad that didn't go unnoticed.

The melodies not being that catchy may be because I strayed from the typical dance chord progression (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about), so they might be less memorable. However, after having listened to the track to quite a few times, the main melody does tend to stick around (at least for me).

Good luck with your paper, and thanks for the review!


I had no problems at all. I can totally imagine dancing to this, playing it at a party or playing some racing/fun video game to it. Have you considered making music for video games? you should, that would be beast. =P

Mich responds:

Thanks for the compliments! I've considered putting more time in writing loops that would fit for flash games, but I haven't really got around to it. I'm more occupied with programming to be honest.

Again, thanks!

Good Reason

You're right about an artist never being 100% content with their work, I'm always tweaking "final cuts" thinking I can make them better, but it's for the better I leave them alone.
I gave up on trying to put together an album because I could never get it the way I thought it should go, but this song is beautifully mixed and couldn't find anything wrong with it. In fact, it inspired me to get back into doing what I ultimately love...MAKING SICK MUSIC!
(hopefully one day I'll grow the ballz to actually post some of my work somewhere)

In short: keep on keepin' on!

Mich responds:

Well, glad you're inspired again!
I'll do my best to keep on keepin' on. :3

Thanks for the appreciation. :)