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Reviews for "Chocobo's Phoenix wrong"

Not bad

Not bad not bad. I am a fan of these Phoenix Wrong flashes though so I'm biased there :P

Overall, good humor! One thing that really really bugged me was the lack of flow in some frames and the hammer strikes.


the big butcher looking like a big ripped girl is pretty funny but this was sort those things that arent too good

i liked it now answer my quisetions >:)

first fo all ignore the people who use the been there done that stuff, for one i bet they dont animate, and two it doesn't matter how many times something is done. So what if one person used it first, doesn't mean it cant be used again. I liked it and i'm giving it an 7. It just needs to be longer and try upping the frame rate.

so my questions are, whats the song that pink guy was singing, and where did you get those sprites?

Its been done, but you gave it a run.

Alright, but reeked of "been there, done that". If your going to take a concept thats been flogged to death, you have to include something new and original to get people drawn in. It was a little short to, Phoenix Wrong is known for lightning fast twists and turns... but when you only have 4-5 scenes,,,well...


Bad! Seemed kind of laggy in a few spots. Would have been better if it were longer. Oh, and you're quoting the wrong band "Jump da fuck up" is by Soulfly with Corey Taylor on guest vocals.