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Reviews for "GeoWars"

Okay...I guess.

It had some high points, but it seemed a little slow and lacking on the action aspects of the game. You have a good model to work from though.


controling this ship is so dificult

..too dificult.

XceeD responds:

Really? I'll add some options later on to change the ways to control it. What do you suggest?


sorry i gave it a one star but it never loaded. for some reason the loading bar kept reseting its self so i never go to play the game.... WTF is going on?

XceeD responds:

WTF is going on?!?
I said if you're going to replay the game, open it as a pop up. It'll keep on doing that unless you open as a pop up. It's some browser cache issue.


The load was too long stopped at 5 bars


im real sorry but it was just a bad game. it deserves some credit for totaly copying off other games. (jk)

XceeD responds:

It's a tribute, I mentioned it...