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Reviews for "GeoWars"

very good job

very fun & addictive game. it easily keeps the player entertained, never gets boring. we'll definately be seeing this on the front page

XceeD responds:

Thanks so much for the review :D! I really hope to get in the front page!


I liked it the only problem is how long the transitions take. Like transiting from Menu to how to play and stuff.

XceeD responds:

Thanks for the review! I was thinking about shortening the transition too, except I forgot each time I finished testing. Sorry about that. I'll be sure to shorten it if I release a second version!


For crying out loud! Did this author do well on this or what? Everything is there, the chaos, enemies (plus some new ones), and firepower is present... but it runs MUCH more smoothly than you think. The only complaint is the music doesn't quite match the game style too well, but other than that... GREAT FREAKING JOB!

XceeD responds:

Thanks so much. If I release another version of this game, I'll change the song :D.

controling this ship is so dificult

..too dificult.

XceeD responds:

Really? I'll add some options later on to change the ways to control it. What do you suggest?


DAAAM this is addictive

XceeD responds:

:D! Thanks so much.