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Reviews for "GeoWars"


great game! i could have been a little harder tho

XceeD responds:

Thanks for the review :D! I was going to have Easy/Medium/Hard options but I wanted a highscores system too. At first, it was too easy. I tried to tweak it to make it harder. I guess it wasn't enough yet xD!

good but...

well though out game and many people will play i was hooked until i got the last gun..

i got bored after 6.6million points and 70+ lives but 2 things still bothers me
1) the sprial gun shoulda been timed ( and only avilable when you maxed your gun/rapid/hard to get) to avoid the whole cheap issue
2) it didnt put me on highscores...with my 6.6million oh well

gj anyway i be looking for improvements

XceeD responds:

xD! Thanks so much for the review. I understand that the spiral gun is kind of cheap xD. It was supposed to be one of the last few weapons out of like 20. I got lazy xD! About the highscores, why weren't you on? Was it a bug? Please PM me if it was. I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D!


this is poseaply the best game ive ever played

XceeD responds:

:D! Thanks so much.

Pretty good

Great spin off of geometry wars, but you need to make the screen smaller, as I can't see the top, bottom, or the full sides of it all in one screen. And when I try to shoot stuff I click out of the screen accidentally and loose a life or something.

Also, I noticed that sometimes i couldn't move the way I wanted, like I needed to move up but I can't so I have to go left or right or something so I can go the way I want. I'd be nice if you could fix that(or it could just be me).

Great game overall 4/5

XceeD responds:

Sorry about that, I'll make the screen smaller if I release another version of the game.
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by not being able to move around correctly. You're the first one to report that bug. But I'll check into it. And I'll have different options to move.


Wow, that was a really good game submission! reminds me of the classic games, but new-school! great upgrades & crazy effects (negative-stop-time and such). Hope you make it onto the site!

XceeD responds:

Thanks so much :D! I hope this makes front page too.