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Reviews for "GeoWars"

awesome game

a bag of fun make more with the same style if u can tnx l8r

XceeD responds:

:D! I'm probably going to make another one.

Fun game

Although last weapon way to cheap!

XceeD responds:

xD! I'm probably going to make it weaker, or even just take it out for now. Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked it!

good game

id recomend making the final weapon weaker if you ever do an edit. Once i got the final wep it was so easy to play i didnt need to even do anything to make over 10,000,000. Either that or make the enemies take more than 1 hit after a certian point. Anyways great game.

XceeD responds:

Okay, I'll do that!

It was alright...

The theme of the game wasn't too original, I'm guessing it came from the arcade game from a 360. The upgrades made the game more improved however.

XceeD responds:

Well, the theme of the game was from Geometry Wars. I don't have a 360 (but I'm hoping to get one soon). Thanks for the review.


Im sorry its just to much like geometry wars. try to be more original

XceeD responds:

Yes, Geometry Wars doesn't have some enemies I have...