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Reviews for "GeoWars"


screw what other people think i loved this. The simpleness mixed with random explosions. though the time stop effect was preety crap. nice game though.


sorry i gave it a one star but it never loaded. for some reason the loading bar kept reseting its self so i never go to play the game.... WTF is going on?

XceeD responds:

WTF is going on?!?
I said if you're going to replay the game, open it as a pop up. It'll keep on doing that unless you open as a pop up. It's some browser cache issue.


The effects were incredibly anticlimactic. When you're making a shooter, you need to make the player to enjoy killing the enemies. In GeoWars, the explosions were obviously poorly-done, but maybe your experience with flash games didn't allow you to make the effects that you did want, which is understandable. What I don't get is your sound effects. If you want a player to have fun shooting things, you need to make that action not just visually but audibly stimulating.

Also, all of your power-ups were also in the game Neon: the gun power-ups, time-stop, the bullets-in-all-directions, and weapon-speed. I really thought the time-stop effect was cheesy. Cool-Natio's idea was much better, just do black-and-white, not negatives though, that just felt cheap.

XceeD responds:

Umm... To tell you the truth, this game is not based on Neon...(?) It's based on Geometry Wars. So, technically you can't compare it to Neon. Plus, what shooter game DOESN'T have those powerups?

Furthermore, I didn't add so many effects because of lag. If you haven't noticed, it lags on Best quality.

The explosions were done like that on purpose for simplicity effect. I wasn't trying to win the "best particle system in a game" award. I was going for simplicity, like Geometry Wars. Why do you think everything was made out of lines?...

Good game

I only had one problem but i think it was on my end. When i went to "how to play i could not scroll down to the menue button. Probly just a resolution problem. Also the "open in a popup" The only thig i have is open in new window, and that doasnt work. Other than those 2 things it was great.


This game is pretty cool. It's like a retro game with good-tech sounds. liked it alot. 8/10 stars.