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Reviews for "GeoWars"


This game is awsome i like the enemies you face when you move on frew the game, you obviously have ome good flash skills.

quite good!

If not a bit easy,i'm decent at geometry wars,i'm used to the 40+ enemys on screen,or something :P easy but pretty great like!
Its got a nice twist,though if you ever (probably not though) make a sequeal make the level bigger and the action a bit faster...what i'd love about geowars/geometry wars is that you COULD make levels,like mazes and stuff! That'd be awsome.
cheers for the game *thumbs up*

XceeD responds:

AMAZING IDEA! I'll be sure to make a level maker! That's a crazy new idea that I'm willing to try out :D!
The levels will be bigger too ~_^!

very good

not quite the asteroids i was hoping for but it was still quite fun

Nice Concept

That has a very nice concept to it. I liked how well the little triangle guy moved. The enemies were very fascinating as well. overall very enjoyable to play.


that was a good tribe to Geometry war but too similar, still it was good