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Reviews for "GeoWars"

Really impressed

I really, really liked that game! I wasn't sure at the beggining because there is lots of shooter games and I find them so repetitive... but yours got me hooked. The best feature is probably the COLOR-CODED-ENEMIES! Man, I don't know if you thought about it or if it was natural for you to color-code them, but it sure was helpful to me. The upgrades were great too, I like it when there is lots of them (maybe more would've been sweet... or a special mode when you reach a point in the game where you are invincible or you have a very powerful weapon... that kind of thing would be cool hehe :-P

Anyways, I enjoyed playing and recommend this to everyone reading!

Keep up the good work!


This is amazing. I could sit here and play for hours. Only thing is, if you know how to play correctly, its easy enough, just sit an a corner and it cuts the angle you need to shoot by 3/4, which makes it much much easier, and then you can wait till a freeze time power up drifts to you till you go and collect the loads of them all over the screen. SO, yeah, since some people find this HARD i suggest the difficulty setting you plan on adding also affect a hidden multiplier of some sort, that way, its fair to the scoring. I like how things always spawn a certain distance away from you, so they don't spawn right on top of you, however this is also what makes the game so easy to sit in a corner. Good luck with whatever sequel/update you plan on making, i surely will play it ^.^

Very addictive

This is a nice addictive game you have here. It can also be a bit challenging which is good. I also like the powerups, like the one that makes everything inverted. The graphics are also good. Nice work.


GOD, this is SO GOOD! i LOVE it, i can't stop playing it....just make it a little easyer should you go and revamp this and your good. 10/10

XceeD responds:

xD! As you can see, I'm in a pickle :D.

Ethas says: "To Easy"
Half of the people say it's hard, other half says it's easy xD!

I'm probably going to add difficulty settings for next version.

Nice, Addictive, Fun

A realy nice game to kill time, just what I needed, and also nice challenging, I give it 8 out of 10 A very good game with nice graphics