Reviews for "Awake - Tell Me A Story"

This really reminds me of those days when the sky's grey, and it starts raining for a period of time, but then the rain stops, the clouds clear, and the sun shines through...

damn good tasty stuff

a lil too PX9y for my tastes but i respect the skill nonetheless. great dynamics on the drums. beginning is very Hybrid sounding, overall quite delicious

very fresh

this is real fresh its like more sounds of preparation for and adventure kind of theme... i dig the beat too

I admit, I didn't think I'd browse across this.

I really really enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. The beginning captured my attention much better than some other songs I've seen recently - and it just kept being awesome. It was a strong beat, but I honestly felt relaxed listening to it. It was really chill, and I appreciated it. I was worried when I had read that it'd get much faster, but it actually turned out great too. The only thing I'd ask is, like you said, to work a bit on the transition. From there on out I was really happy with the tune. Great job on it man! I vote 9/10 and a 5/5.

love this

Very soothing, and brilliantly composed as well.
This is a masterpiece sir :)

Fantastic work!
~Dj Sonik