Reviews for "Awake - Tell Me A Story"

2 words.

Freaking Awesome!

first minute along was enough to rate this a 5 and a download.


Very well done...no EXTREMELY well done!!


U should be number one not those other crap songs that are in front

Great Stuff

Right off the back you set us into this atmospheric world with a perfect blend of a string pad and bells. I love the movement of the bell sound as well. A very nice touch. Then we get hit with the breaks, beautifully sequenced and mastered might I add. We can't forget the synth. Simple yet it gets the job done. This portion alone already had me hooked.

Then the DnB kicks it. The sound is just so raw and fits perfectly with the first part. The bells began to sound like a piano which is what I believe they were all along but the fx made it seem different. The only real problem I had with it was some EQ mastery on the bells (I hear a little too much ringing but that could just be my headphones.) and I wanted some more drum transitions. Overall the track is amazing. I am going to vote it a 5 so you can give us more. Please do so.


Reminds me of the old NFS songs, increase in tempo maintains my interest as the song is progressive, Nice work