Reviews for "Awake - Tell Me A Story"


real unique piece nice job man


I'm not much of a DnB fan, more classical, but anyway.. This song has some unique style, I like it! 0.00 - 1.42 is great!
You could do some work on the crappy melody after that, sound like god adjusting his amazing unknown instrument, while the devil takes a huge dump on it at 1:43. Just kidding, but you could rearrange that more "melodic" instrument and add another one with higher velocity which would play harmonic melodies all over the place. then fade the new instrument which I'm implying, and let the piano take over as you normally did there. But come up with a melody, don't just jam in some crappy forced-in-notes. Although this doesn't sound that bad so far but it could be fixed on those crusial points.
The sudden silence wasn't so original, but hey, those kinda things are in every song so why not? You could add that beat from the start and make something else from there after the pause, which would lenghten this.
I hope this helped in any way.



This was a really fun to listen to trance/ dnb track. Had a good atmosphere, and the piano was really nice in the beginning. Unfortunately, when the track gets really thick towards the end the piano starts to sound really weak and thin compared to the other instruments. It could mean that you need either a different piano patch/ different way of recording it, or replacing it with a thicker sounding lead.
The part that I am referring to is about 2:07 - 2:29

One of the best into's.

Of all time.


I just love this intro. Can't for this track going "gold" :D