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Reviews for "- MonoChrome -"


I love the song, sound, graphics, I love it all except I really wish you would have made Lives instead of an automatic lose. It becomes frustrating...but still I do love the challenge...and the song :] Nice job!


An original idea that is quite well laid out. The only thing I don't like is the recycled Tetris music, if possible, try and find some more obscure music (as it is less annoying during play), or craft your own.

Above the grade

Most of the games that are like this one are
incredible repetitive and after about 2 min I
lose complete interest, but -MonoChrome-
proved to keep me hooked!

Good game

it was very challneging and addicting , Would have been easier if the shapes would have dissapered instead of getting smaller, very simple but fun , i managed to get 432 Points woot!, Awsom game good job

Here, you can see...

...Its not the Actiongenre, which make people Aggressive, but impossible Games like this^^ Its so simple, and so F***ing Hard at the same Time (Is this Highscoretable real? There must be really sick people out there XD)
But anyway, Its very addicting. Good Game