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Reviews for "- MonoChrome -"

Oh My God...

Wow... that is the most difficult online game i have ever played. Luckily I was able to reach my goal of 50 points.

I agree with michi28.

It's way too hard for just one life.
Btw, is the only reason you make Tetrids(also called tetrablocks) appear when you lose because the song is "Tetris song"?

This game owns, it used to my uncle's song

10/10 for that ^.^

Good Job

This game is quite addictive, and is something simple, yet innovative. The music seems to fit nicely to the neon feeling, and I had always thought of The Tetris theme to be associated with something of skill, much like the game itself.
Good job overall, 9/10

Amazing game

We used to play this game at school quite a lot. Really great game you have created here, really addictive, and retro graphics. I think someone is obsessed with tetris. :3