Reviews for "- MonoChrome -"

I want to like it

I really want to like this game. I love the concept, but after a while with multiple attempts, progress is proving difficult. It's fine to make challenging games, but when it bleeds over into monotonous repetition without advancement, boredom/frustration sets in. I don't exactly have the best hand-eye coordination, but starting with a slow groove and working up to a faster rhythm would be more enjoyable. Multiple levels would be a huge bonus as well.

This has the potential to be a Schedule 1 game with a high potential for addictiveness, but let's have some more "intellectual" levels and something more inviting. I await MonoChrome 2.

Thank you, though, for the amusement that you have thus provided DaZoo.


well.. i like tetris but here it isn't good...


It's an okay game. Though I guess it's because itt's a mini game. It was too fast, it made me dizzy. It will be better if you put levels on this. The higher the level, the faster.


it has alot of potential but the notes go too fast try slowing it down in the next one

kinda boring honestly

concept is great , but, it just isnt FUN. or maybe im having headache for the whole day so im kinda grouchy :X