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Reviews for "- MonoChrome -"


It looks simple but is harder then you think!
It's also rather addictive :)
All in All an nice, simple game, good work.


This is a gem of a reaction game... nicely done. Good music too :)

Loved it.

That was a great game. I have to admit, when I was coming to it, I wasn't expecting much. But it's a real challenge and when it changes from black to white, it really sketches me out. I loved the little Tetris cubes that explode out if you lose, and what's this? A score-tracker that actually works? Incredible! The only thing that would've made it cooler, would to have made it something like DDR or Guitar Hero and have the shapes come down to the beat of the music. But that would be really time consuming, and it's already great. Keep up the good work, hope to see more from you.


very simple but fun got a score of 393

Pretty cool.

Very original but it messed with my eyes way too much.