Reviews for "- MonoChrome -"

wow great game

it confused me on how to play on the first try..but on the second i got in the top 200...easy to play and fun...4th try i got 90.....

Good game!

the only thing is that i dont have a mouse, im using the touch pad on my laptop....
other than that i love how the music changes up with the Difficulty level. good stuff.

good job

its a simple but entertaining game so good job

Good job!

It's fun and addicting with only mild seizures as a side ffect(just kidding) The only thing I would change would be the cursor. If you put in a custom cursor it would make the game feel better (in my opinion) idk why but the regular cursor just feels awkward in this game. If you changed that it would be perfect :]

Ok, I guess

It starts off a bit fast and whats with the teris shapes coming out when you miss?