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Reviews for "- MonoChrome -"

It was OK

An amazing idea for a game and it was quite fun at first but pretty monotonous after a while. The shapes should speed up each time the song repeats to make it more interesting. You could also have it so that there is more than one song. Good game overall but not quite perfect.

Needs some work...

Smooth animation and painfully obvious gameplay, but it's still unpolished. As others have mentioned, it's a brutally hard game as it stands, and while that's not bad BY ITSELF, games end so quickly and suddenly it's hard to really realize why.

It wouldn't hurt to put in something like a life bar or other health system so players can miss more than one marker. Great start to what looks like an enjoyable game, though.

A new way to play

I first came across this game and although I played for almost 30 minutes I never got any better which is unusual for a game I play that long. However, I bookmarked it because I still loved it. The next day I played it with like 6 things downloading, which made it go slower and I finally beat it.

i like it

so hard yet so addicting

i really

i wouldn't call this a music or a rithym gamebecause:
1 when you touch the shapes they make no ound what so ever
2 when you miss one all of oyur effort is gone
3: its boring