Reviews for "Infection : The Host"


Did you upload the wrong thing?


i can't play the game i get stucked hearing the song whith all the words this is too annoying
but the song is very cool^^


it sucks i waited five minutes hoping the piss fuck midget words would disapprea but they didnt this sucks

Joelasticool responds:

I heard if you enter 100 custom words and wait 10 minutes, the game shows itself

=] bad game nice song

not really a game, but i liked the song.

Joelasticool responds:

Bodom Beach Terror by Children of Bodom

Are you OK?

I tried to wait the end of the song, to see if the game would start... but the song is long, very long. I don't think you're feeling OK, because you respond something ridiculous for each reviews, and the game is not even the game you were telling us it is. But, I think you're right about the name : This game IS an Infection!
Hope it was not what you wanted to upload...

Joelasticool responds:

I'm feeling GREAT :D