Reviews for "Infection : The Host"


I think everyone posting is pretty much crazy in their reviews - this is clearly not a game. I let it run for about 10 minutes and the song just kept repeating itself. The song was pretty awesome, but this claims to be a game when it's not.


Very, very nice.

sucked!but mightve liked it.......................

how fing long do u have to wait through teh wurds until u get to teh mtherfing game?i still give u a ten bcause prbly wuldve liked it iff it didnt take so fing long to get to teh game,plz write my review and tell me how long it takes that way i can make preparations

Joelasticool responds:

6-7 mins


It would've been sumthin if tha word i typed in was used.......better luck next=/

Joelasticool responds:

You have to type in a word and then hit the "+"

So funny lolz!

You are the funniest guy I've ever not met. If you're going to upload that premium quality shite, at least title it correctly.

Oh, and just to make this constructive: go to your 'uninstall programs'. Choose whatever you use to make Flash. The world will be a better place for it.

Joelasticool responds:

I selected Flash but it doesn't do anything