Reviews for "Infection : The Host"

I thought this game sounded fun......

I really wanted to play the game advertised but instead I got a bunch cuss words and the word "Walrus" flashing up my screen and to add to that you gave it wan inappropriate rating! Hellian GO HUG A CACTUS! this is not art it is a LIE and lying is annoying and against the bible so please don't dissapoint again! EVER!!!!

dum & lie

my computer takes a long time to load things . and i was expecting a good game but........... you know dont lie man i dont think i trust your site as much anymore . i thought it was going to be a good game but NO!!!!!!!!!! :( :< :# :* :O :{ :[ Y_Y THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! DONT OPEN IT !!!!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lying isnt cool.

This game has.. absolutely NOTHING to do with the title, description, and the picture. Make it right.


I thought this would be a game, or at least related to the subject you posted it as!
All this flash does is show Shit Yo and Bitch over and over again!
So entirely, you lied about this whole flash.

Once again, you have made an outstanding flash.

I like your style, because I understand it. Most of the ignorant asshole population of NG rails on you work, but I truly appreciate it. Good art needs no meaning or purpose. People that are allways looking for a deeper meaning in art tend to overlook the quality of flash such as yours.