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Reviews for "Luis and the Cloud Sigs"

Loved it, just one problem...

You didn't use mine. Oh well. 5'd. I'm gonna go cry now.

Kart-Man responds:

Sowwy. Will you be my fwiend still? :(


I can't say I laughed any harder at any inside joke ever. Thanks so much for making this, it was brilliantly done.


Part of a fad :)

Nice one Kart-Man!
Awesome inside joke, and nice animation


This short film was funny, well animated, and perfectly timed. I haven't found the secret yet, but this film is excellent as it is. Thumbs up.


Is that a reference to my old sig at the end? I don't entirely get it.
Funny movie though, good job!

Kart-Man responds:

Yep, 'twas a reference. I was hoping someone would catch that! :)

Thanks for the 10 (this goes to all the rest of you, too!)