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Reviews for "Luis and the Cloud Sigs"

Hehe, legendary :P

Inside jokes win :)


that is really funny....

i can't stop laughing cuz i have nothing better to do. still funny. :]


it was funny, but you didnt use my sig >:(

but anyways i liked how you used a lot of fbf.
with very little tweening

Kart-Man responds:

He he, I took the first 8 sigs that I saw. And no, I didn't turn a blind eye to yours! ;P

haha that was funny

that was short and it was great!

i couldent read it

i couldent read anything so i didnt understand it. it was also very short. you should go over it first befor you submit it

Kart-Man responds:

Oh, you and your illiteracy! ;P I don't think you quite understand the joke, but that's okay.