Reviews for "**MK64 Rainbow Road**"


And here I thought you had all but vanished! Then I take a gander and find this now sitting around.

This is a wonderful remix. VERY wonderful. And it's actually a remix, not just a cover! Can't tell you how many times I see "THIS IS A REMIX" and it's a bloody cover!

The tone is rather upbeat and happy, as the original track is, with a hint of a "go for it!" vibe. I find myself unable to control myself as my head bobs to the beat, feeling a natural, relaxing groove to it. It's the kind of song I'd want to listen to while chilling or perhaps writing. That in itself makes it awesome. Your choice of instrumentation and the general styling make it better.

That and this is my favorite Rainbow Road track. Huzzah!

VGSongbird responds:

I know! It's been so long since I've had a complete piece to show you guys!
And I'm glad you really enjoyed it ^_^
Thanks for all your support.


Boy! I just love that piano!!! Do you play Alisa?

This was such a nice track, I'm actually not very familliar with the original, but since it is from Mario Kart I bet it was a really fast paced beat, but I really like the speed on this one, its so calm and beautiful, and OMG that piano!! Awesome :D

Great work!

Hope we will be collaborating again soon ^^


VGSongbird responds:

Thanks! It's great to hear from you!
Yeah, I play; self-taught, though, so I'm not FANTASTIC or anything ^_^

Thats well lovely

Its similar to the original but its alot slower paced than it used to be although that is great. Its great how you did MK64's Rainbow road over the SNES as it is only the little bit better.

Its cool how you have managed to make a fantasticly awesome remix, not a shitty cover like I see on newgrounds every other day, Everything manages to blend together and that piano is great, Did you play it yourself?

Also thank you as you didnt go drum and bass because Its fucking rainbow road, Who the fuck partys at rainbow road?!?

Well I'll be keeping an eye on you're work

Oh and one last thing, So do you fancy doing Sky Garden? (Mario kart super curcuit) although I could name a handful of other tracks I'd love to hear remixed,

I dont know why but I love sky garden.

VGSongbird responds:

I'll have to look into that ^_^
And actually, I sped this up a tiny bit from the original tempo. But it does sound slow compared to several of the remixes on this site.
But I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it! And thanks so much for the review.

Astounding as usual.

Finally you released it! A very awesome remix, you definitely did the song justice.
Now make a song that utilizes your beautiful voice! ;)
10/10 5/5

VGSongbird responds:

Lol I'm working on a project right now with VagrantRisk that will utilize my voice ^_^
Keep a listen in, and thanks for your review!

Absolutely beautiful

Certainly a good trip down memory lane. Remember I used to play the whole circuit just so I could hear this music honestly. X3

VGSongbird responds:

:D :D :D