Reviews for "**MK64 Rainbow Road**"


i feel like crying now :P
epic... even if it doesn't really sound like rainbow road in the intro

VGSongbird responds:

Yeah the intro was from me kinda messing around on my piano with the melody... But I'm happy to hear you liked it anyways! :D


Dude...are you on OCRemix yet? Seriously, not even BS'ing. This is hands-down the best 64 Rainbow Road remix I've heard yet. And there are a TON of them floating around. Kudos to your 1337 musickz, madame :)

Might I make a request for a rendition of the Rainbow Road theme from Super Mario Kart? That's my favorite one :)

VGSongbird responds:

omg I wouldn't even dream of being good enough to be on OC.
And I will look into the Super Mario Kart rendition; I'll add that to my white board right now :D

Thanks for listening ^_^

I love you!

Such great work Elle! Every remix I have heard of yours has been amazing. :3 I love you lol. :D.

VGSongbird responds:

:D Thanks. I'm loving all the rave reviews you've been giving. I hope I continue to impress in the future.

I've been waiting for another release...

I'm glad you are back into the swing of things, your songs do not disappoint. Great Job!

VGSongbird responds:

Thank You :D
I'm glad you liked it.

The Gold Trophy

This is a great track you have made

I remember the time when I first experienced the excitement of getting past the AI mainly because the difficulty was caused by my dodgy control stick

This piece of music is as great as the level, game, fun and memories

VGSongbird responds:

Lol dodgy control sticks are the bane of us all :D
Thanks for listening, and thanks for the rave review!