Reviews for "**MK64 Rainbow Road**"

ya know...

Between your LoZ remixes, and this, it's like you're re-making a good part of my middle teen years.

Most of those have made it onto the ipod, and I'll listen to them more often than not while in the air, or at work. or reading.

anyway, needless to say, 5/5, 10/10, and downloaded. Please, keep it up.

VGSongbird responds:

Well thank you. It's really a great feeling to hear you say that :D

This is getting tiring for me...

EVERY TIME I search for a specific piece on the audio portal, either mine, Willrocks, or your pieces show up. I didn't even know you made this many pieces.

To the song, a peaceful romp through what may contend as the most dangerous track in Mario Kart 64. Chain Chomps, hills, and crazy jumps killed me more than they should have normal people. Otherwise, this is a merry, emotional tune that brings back memories of kicking my cousin's butts in the game every time. Not much else to say other than a fantastic job capturing the peaceful melody the tune was meant to convey to the listener. Fantastic job yet again.

VGSongbird responds:

Thank You. I appreciate the amazing feedback from another Newgrounds Veteran such as yourself :D

Very Nice!

I like the piano very much. The music has also a nice build!
@ 0:58 came the wow...ok! reaction.

<3 Rainbowz!!

VGSongbird responds:

Thank You. I'm glad you liked the build :D


Good thing i listen to my music with headphones because this piece is beautiful
I remember the music more than the level so it's good that you made my evening with this incredible track =D

VGSongbird responds:

I'm thrilled to hear it made your evening.
I hope to make more of your evenings in the future ^_^

The best of best.

Everyone's all-time favorite track from Mario Kart 64. This tune is just... Sweet, epic... Makes me remember my youth!

VGSongbird responds:

Nostalgia apparently is a specialty of mine these days. Lol.
All jokes aside though, I'm glad you liked it.