Reviews for "**MK64 Rainbow Road**"


This song almost makes me cry, it is just that amazing. And I don't get teary eyed easily, mind you! It is a perfectly made track, and even when the main beat comes in, it still retains the feeling that the original song from Mario Kart 64 had. That is, the feeling of flying, being free and eternal happiness. Rainbow Road was always my favorite song from that game, and you have done it a beautiful justice. 5/5, 10/10

VGSongbird responds:

Wow. Thank You ^_^ That's the best thing ever to hear.

Absolutely beautiful

Certainly a good trip down memory lane. Remember I used to play the whole circuit just so I could hear this music honestly. X3

VGSongbird responds:

:D :D :D

Oh my. =3

i used to fall asleep to this when I was a kid and had sleep overs with my pals. Thanks for the memories and a new song to fall asleep to.

VGSongbird responds:

Well, thank you for listening ^_^

I totally agree listen to this with Headphones on!

If you don't have any listen to it anyways, because this song is damn amazing!

VGSongbird responds:

Lol thanks for the plug.
I agree. Sounds better with headphones.

Ahh the old days

This sounds new, but at the same time takes me back to 1996 when I was just a wee lad

VGSongbird responds:

That's incredible. Inspiring nostalgia is fantastic to hear. thank you