Reviews for "Click Master"

Quite good

It's quite good, but slightly too simple...
PS: I got 136.

quite addicting

Although it was simple, this was a very fun game. I got 129 on my first try.

weeeeeeeeeeee clkclkclckclkclkclkclkclkclkclkclkcl

so much klikin wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeclkclkclkclkclkclkcl kclkclkclkclkclkclkcclkclkclkclk the prob is i dont have a mouse on me laptop just a touch pad but i still got 123 clicks on my 1st try, so whoever has a touchpad hers a challenge try to get at least 1 more click than me


159 on my first try.. beatTHAT


116 on my 1st try, beat that.

you need a submit scores page, where people can compare their clicking skills. It's still a great game, good practice forother games.