Reviews for "IYD - Im Yours (Remastered)"

Dude this is sick.

You're a bit of a god eh? :-)
Keep making the music.

InYourDreams responds:

thnx! ur music is not bad either :). We should do a collab some day!


Real nice. Keep it just like it is it sounds great. Add some lyrics but make it a separate upload and this would be perfect.

InYourDreams responds:

yeah... the lyrics im working on are like still not there xD... the problem is that when i wrote the song, i gave it a title without thinking. Maybe i'll leave it like this.

Thnx 4 the review corpsecrank!

I like this a LOT

This song kinda gives me the same feeling I get as when I'm jammin out on my guitar with my buddies and having a good time. Mostly because it sounds like one of those songs you start with a guitar, slap in some bass and drums and *BAM*.

I would love to say to add words but I honestly think vocals would just kill the reputation for a lot of the instrumental songs.

Keep up the good work man! You deserved the (5/5) (10/10) and a download - Shambo

InYourDreams responds:

hey thnx dude! thnx 4 the nice words :)

yea man!

you cleaned this up alot from the first version i remember. still badass though. my only complaint is that the drum track needs more power behind it. but no big deal. still a gem. great job dude!

I love this song!

And you should let me mix it! :) please?