Reviews for "Drive By Demo"

Good gameplay (and funny too).


This is a great 0.5 entry! The gameplay was very simple and worked well. Also, the sounds were well done and the animation/motion/etc was great. The song at the end was really funny too. Did you make that or get it from somewhere? It is very professional.

I would like to see a couple of things added if you're taking suggestions.

1. A cut scene if you manage to kill the bad guys.
2. The pedestrians can be seen at the top of the screen even before they start moing down. I shot multiple people before they even moved.
3. A scoring system would be a good addition. I think kills alone is too simple. Perhaps different targets are worth more or less points.
4. Power ups or obstacles in the road might make sense.

Ok. That's it. Great work! I look forward to the full game.

Oh, almost forgot. I really like the car damage system and HUD. Nice!

We want more!

Great fun - looking forward to the finished version. Brilliant end music, by the way!


I want to see a finished version! This was pretty damn cool!

Very good game. Need full version soon.

You guys did a great job on this. Put together a few missions with a few more cars and this game will be awesome.


It's fun and cool! I wanna see the full version =)