Reviews for "Drive By Demo"

Tisk Tisk my man!!!!

Shame on you, you fucking prick. Don't steal mohterfucka!!!!

See the Review of Andy_Younger!

'nuff said.


Everyone, type in http.www.512productions.com into your web browser. Click the "Games" bar on the left side of your screen.

From the pop-up menu, click the arrow in the bottom corner of the menu 2 times. What do you see? Drive-By Shooting Demo. It was released April 13, 2000 specifically for 512 productions.

You are busted.

Stolen from 512 productions.

Even though Ben disappeared about a year ago (may he rest in peace) I still think it's wrong for you to be stealing his game. Very wrong.


i the full version will be sweeeeeeeeeet cant wait