Reviews for "Drive By Demo"


It was allright. Kinda boring though. Someone said you stole it. I dunno.

Waaaaaaaay too short

This needs to be AT LEAST 10 times longer for it to be a good game. Not a bad start though


One thing, don't make the on-coming people visable on the sidewalk. They're just seen alittle on the top of the screen. So fix it, damn you.
..oh yeah, good music.
Vivi Hawkity, damnit..


i like the song at the end. um very good game i really did like it. it was short but the final verison will sure as hell kick my ass.


You guys at 512 really know how to make a game!!!!
This is unreall!
If u like shooting, or just kiiling u will love this

Please finish the full version!!!!!!!
I love4 it, this game is very addictive.

Keep up the Awesome work!