Reviews for "Drive By Demo"

Heh heh...

Yeah your right, it was too short. Lookin' forward to the full version. :)


that was fun! The Henry Rollins music was cool too!

Hey, Thi demo is fun but short.

I am usually against demos and trailers because it just gets the hype for a game all high and when the real thingcomesout it isn't as special an unexpected. This is a good demo. It is sort nice hat it is so short cause it gives you such a small taste of this game that it really doesn't spoil nothing.Iam looking very forward to the real game and am confident that it will be good.


kick-ass! i cant wait for the full version!

Pretty cool!

The full version should rock! I graded this as a demo and thats it. As a small demo it was excellent! Please inform me when the full version comes out my e-mail is impact04@hotmail.com.. Thanx!!!!!!