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Reviews for "Starboom"

dynamic. elegant. lovely.

I feel very serene listening to this track, but it's not at all too dull. You use a lot of different elements here to make something really well crafted and soothing to the ear. I really like the voice you added. It creates a certain feeling of serenity that ultimately calming. Way to go... I really like your style.


Now my walls...and it looks like a little bit of the ceiling...are warm and sticky.

great jumping paladins of tier

you sir are fantastic to make this great piece of melody, im at a loss of words...

This is awesome, I listened to it for at least 10 minutes
it's good to concentrate too

I really love this!
It inspires me to make games but sadly I can't. But really love this music and would fit perfectly in a game! Keep it up! <3

Slug-Salt responds:

Terzom, of course you can make games! Even if you have to start from nothing it's all up to you. When I first started making music I used an old stereo deck that allowed me to make two tracks at a time but it was enough. There are tons of great FREE software out there to get started with. I would recommend Unreal engine and just watch a fuck ton of youtube tutorials. In this day and age all the knowledge you need is literally at your fingertips. I look forward to writing music for your first game.